Hello! My name is Marianna Vaga. I am a 16 year old girl from Estonia who likes painting, photography, filmmaking, writing, and watching superhero films and TV shows. But most of all I like creating, or leaving footprints, if you like. My dream is to become a film director and a scriptwriter, and to create as much as I possibly can.

This is my photography blog, where I’ll be posting, well, my photography, along with some thoughts and day-to-day wisdom that I find helpful and relatable. I am not a professional photographer though, I’m only beginning to learn about photography. This blog is a huge step for me, as it will urge me to always strive for excellence.

More about me: I’m half-Estonian half-Russian. I speak fluent Russian, Estonian, and (hopefully) English, so if you speak any of these languages, we can communicate. I generally really like talking to people, but for some reason it’s hard for me to approach someone for the first time. I’m not really afraid of public speaking (but I do get nervous), but I am terrified of public singing. I don’t have stage fright. I go to an acting studio, and may as well add ”actress” to my biography. I also go to an art school, Tallinn Art School (which isn’t a real school, it’s like a hobby), where I paint, sculpt, study history of art, and learn photography. Recently I’ve joined a group called Meksvideo, where they teach teens and children the art of filmmaking and it’s history. I have a really vivid imagination and tend to daydream a lot, and this is how I come up with my stories. Most of them are about superheroes and/or time paradoxes. I am planning to start publishing them on the internet. If you’ve read this far, you’re either really bored or your name is Marika. Thank you either way, and I hope that you’ll enjoy this blog 🙂